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Chemical Machinery
Beads mill / Ultra fine grinding mill / Nano dispersing mill
  We meet your requirements for ultra fine grinding and dispersing with a broad range of machines and extensive accumulated technological know-how.
Classification List of Grinder series Weima Shredder(Model WLK) Centrifugal Mill (Model CUM) Classifier Mill (Model CSM) Fluidized-Bed Jet Mill (Model CGS) Dry Attritor (Model D) Dynamic Mill (Model MYD) Fine Mill (Model SF) Trigonal (Model SM Slasher (Model SR) Attritor (Model MA) MY Mill (Model MY) SC Mill (Model SC) MSC Mill (Model MSC)

Wet-type media grinding machine series

SC Mill (Model SC)
SC Mill (Model SC-L)
MSC Mill (Model MSC)
SC Mill (Model SC50/16)
MSC Mill (Model MSC50)
Wet Attritor (Model S)
Wet Attritor (Model NS)
Wet Attritor (Model SA)
Handy Mill (Model HM)
MY Mill (Model MY)
Attritor (Model MA01SC)


Dry-type media grinding machine series

Optimal for the mechanical alloying and mechano-chemical processing

Dry Attritor (Model D)
Dynamic Mill (Model MYD)
Attritor (Model MA01D)
Dynamic Mill (Model MYD5-XA)


Dry-type fine grinding mill, appricable up to sub-micron particle size

Fine Mill (Model SF)

Dry-type no-media grinding machine series

Optimal equipment for the fine grinding of temperature and contamination sensitive materials

Stream Mill
(Model ST)
Fluidized-Bed Jet Mill
(Model CGS)
Classifier Mill
(Model CSM)
Centrifugal Mill
(Model CUM)
Ultra Centrifugal Mill
(Model UCM)


Wet-type no-media grinding machine series

Trigonal (Model SM)
Slasher (Model SR)


Dry-type Classifier

Classifier (Model CFS)

Contributing to the recycling of resources

Weima Shredder
Jaw Crusher
Roll Crusher

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