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Commission Processing

  Mixing - Drying - Granulation - Grinding
We provide total support to all aspects of powder processing We solve all your powder problems

Nippon Coke & Engineering is an integrated powder and granule equipment and plant manufacturer with over 40 years of experience in this sector. Utilizing our extensive experience and know-how accumulated over many years, we offer a power and granule processing service on a commission basis.
We offer a very flexible system able to respond to small amounts of powder from 100 to 200kg to mass production quantities of 10 to 20 tons in the areas of mixing - drying - granulation - grinding to meet the requirement of customers.
Requests by our clients are handled as the following.
A sample shipment is desired in order to gauge market response. Assistance is provided all the way through until an actual full-scale production line is established.
  Small-lot production for research development is provided until the final product is obtained.
  When a large capital investment risk is involved, consignment production for risk aversion can be arranged.


Mixing / Drying

FM Mixer
This is a typical machine able to provide high quality processing of plastics, pigments, ferrite, toner etc.


TM Mixer
This machine performs effective granulation of ceramics, hard ferrite, etc.


SC Mill Fine Mill
Wet-type cyclic ultrafine grinding mill that grinds ceramics, pigment, inks, etc, into submicron sizes. The dry-type ultrafine grinding mill which grinds various glass, ceramics, etc, into few micron unit, and classifies.

Dynamic Mill
This is a dry-type continuous fine grinding mill used to grind ceramics, pigments, ferrite, carbon, fertilizer, and animal feed down to a unit size of several microns.

■ Examples of Processing
Mixing / Drying Coupling and drying of inorganic materials, coating processing of pigments and additives for resins
  Fatty acid processing of calcium carbonate, etc.
Granulation Ceramics, hard ferrite, soft ferrite, zeolite
Grinding Ferrite, zirconia, barium titanate
  Inorganic and organic pigments
  Metal powders such as iron, nickel and copper, etc.
  Carbon, thermosetting resin

Examples of Processing
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