Chemical Machinery

Powder Treatment Technical Center

Equipped with the latest advanced technology, we seek out and create the next generation of products

Utilizing our state-of-the-art equipment, we respond to
the needs of the new age

We focus our efforts on developing and manufacturing products for the next generation, and under the motto of メResponding to powder related needs with advanced tech-nologyモ we respond to the changing structures of society and consumers.
Our R&D system in the powder and granule processing sector consists of the Development Group and the Powder Treatment Technical Center at the Tochigi Engineering Factory, and these work in close cooperation to ensure an effective and integrated response to the needs of the new age.
We collect essential data from newly developed processes and equipment to expedite the develop-ment of new applications.

A finely tuned response to all your needs

The Powder Treatment Technical Center was established in May 1987 as a vital key element in the development of powder and granule equipment and plants.
We are able to respond to bring-in tests, sample manufacturing and production on commission.
For such requests, please contact the Chemical Machinery Department of the headquarters and any operations of゙ce, or the Powder Treatment Technical Center of Nippon Coke & Engineering Co., Ltd. and Development Center.

Overview of the equipment installed in the Powder Treatment Technical Center
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